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Serenity Soular is an initiative to make solar energy affordable for North Philadelphia households and train local residents for jobs in the green economy.  In the long run, Serenity Soular plans to launch a worker-owned solar installation company that would employ neighborhood residents to install solar in North Philadelphia.
We promote social justice and environmental sustainability through community solar education and our apprenticeship program. By preparing young adults to be job ready to participate in the opportunities of the green economy we advance the lives and welfare of North Philadelphians. 


Our Mission

Serenity Soular aims to expand access to low-cost solar energy by creating affordable solar energy and good solar jobs in North Philadelphia.

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About Us

The Serenity Soular project grew from a seed that was planted in fall 2012, when Swarthmore College professor Giovanna Di Chiro connected with .O, the caregiver at Serenity House in North Philly.  Professor Di Chiro saw the potential for collaboration after learning about the ideas brewing at Serenity House, which included a backyard vegetable garden, a roof for the garage, and other visions to improve the neighborhood.  She then invited Swarthmore students to visit Serenity House, launching the “Sustainable Serenity” collaboration that ultimately generated the Serenity Soular concept.

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Our Projects

Since 2014, Serenity Soular has …………………………………………….

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Meet the Team

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