Our Values

We believe that:

  • Every person deserves human dignity and respect, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  health, a well-paying job, access to fresh food, safety and a secure home.

  • Relationships have intrinsic value.

  • Relating across difference helps us to grow.

  • We are stronger together.

  • Those with privilege have a responsibility to support those without.

  • Environmental, racial, and economic justice are intertwined.

As we act upon these beliefs, we commit to:

  • leave our comfort zones

  • center love in our actions

  • empower the most marginalized- the least, the last, and the lost

  • redistribute wealth and opportunities

  • collaborate with those who share our beliefs

Underlying these beliefs and commitments to action is the soul at the root of our work, or as we define it: Sustaining One another with Unity and Love. That is why our vision reaches beyond the traditional solar industry, and strives for a people-centered "SOULar" movement.

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